We are all weighed down by the harshness of Labor and Coalition plans for asylum seekers who arrive to Australia by boat.

I met one of these men once, who had come by boat from Sri Lanka. He spoke with regret about having been married when still a child to avoid being conscripted to the Tamil Tigers. Yet he also spoke with love about his wife and two children, who he desperately missed. He had been in exile in India, before returning to Sri Lanka and having to escape again to Malaysia, Indonesia and finally Australia. It was a long journey to this point and, finally landing in Australia, he faced having to be returned to Sri Lanka or living in suspense for years in our unwelcoming country.

Biography in Brief

Married at eight
to escape my fate,
exiled at twenty years old.
Now twenty-seven,
I’m almost for heaven,
life’s over and death has a hold.

But though we did part
you still hold my heart:
each second you are in my mind.
My family dear,
I’m wishing you here;
in our distance don’t leave love behind.