Today the world seems so hopeless, so full of violence, war, trafficking and despair. The poems I wrote in 2011, but, sadly, the reasons for our cries continue…


The Log

The pen is mightier than the

souls tipped off the edge,

with a large tip and commission,

to buy their way out of heaven,

having asked Death’s permission

and taken the pledge.

The sword’s gone the way of the

fairytale with a happy ending

to be upstaged by the gun,

the tank and the smart bomb

that have a way of wending

into lives just begun.

And, about to turn a new

peace resolution they pause,

wondering if their souls are worth

the lines of peace and

all the mess this will cause

to the military-cut earth.

It’s as easy as one, two,

thank God it’s Friday night

and time to tally up the score

of hits and misses for the week –

does then the sword have the might

or does the pen have more?



It would all make sense –

except for you.

Except for you and those like you,

maybe a few.

Or maybe I’m the exception

and it’s true

that life is really God’s deception –

cruelty, slavery, poverty, oppression –

and joy is a rare and luscious gift

in this sea of


Surely we make choices

from an even playing field

and God will simply yield

to our decision –

health, wealth and success –

they are all on the menu

and don’t we have provision

(by dint of birth)

to see them through?

Why, maybe you chose wrong

or had an unkempt thought

that wrought

this sickness deep inside

or you had some sins to hide

that got you to this state?

Though now it sounds like karma

and it’s too late

to show that past-life demon

your independent fate

if all you can do

is just suffer through

and plead for death’s welcome gate.

Well, maybe I’m dense,

but when I look at your life

and your sins compared to mine are less,

there is no sense,

in fact it’s quite a mess.

I’m at a loss

and all I can do

in this life-long suspense

is look towards Christ’s cross.