At the end of last year I was feeling particularly unloving. I felt stuck in a selfish world of about-me-ness, unable to break out. I knew in my head that God loved me unconditionally, but I couldn’t seem to translate  that practically into “love one another as I have loved you”. So I decided that maybe I would start a search for love in the world and, hopefully, end up becoming more loving myself.

So on November the 30th, 2014, I began my quest for God’s love expressed through the loving actions of God’s creation, which turned out to be both human and non-human! Very little moments surprised and delighted me and I have faithfully written down at least one for every day until now. Sometimes I struggled to remember or wrote a few days in bulk, but I was sure that even in the most ordinary of days, if I searched my memory hard enough, a love moment would surface. God did not disappoint and I thought that as my year is closing that you might like to share some of the moments with me:

  • My brother getting engaged (this was the first ‘moment’!)
  • An unexpected hug from someone wanting to thank me
  • A young father looking after his pregnant wife
  • A Sister leaving her half-finished meal to help someone in need
  • My tears at the death of my loved Aunty
  • A mother giving her child a ‘spotty party’ during her chicken pox
  • A man rescuing an unknown sheep stuck in a fence
  • An older brother escorting his siblings across the road
  • A young girl explaining why a friend with a disability was as she was
  • A Sister caring for her father for 7 years without a holiday
  • A woman forgiving the family of the boy who killed her son
  • A young man looking out for a friend overdosing on drugs
  • A friend’s pride in her great-grandchildren
  • A man with a homosexual orientation offering exceptional customer service
  • A mother sitting on a hard floor for hours with her children
  • An elderly couple expressing their ongoing love for each other
  • Parents of an IVF baby treating it with utmost, profound love
  • An angry parent protecting a child from putting a plastic bag over his head
  • A woman having a change of heart over asylum seekers
  • A prisoner publicly forgiving another who had hurt him
  • Friends picking up and caring for a hitchhiker
  • A crow helping a koala to cross the road
  • A friend crying about the estrangement of a loved sister
  • Two toddlers giggling at each other
  • A Sister feeling sorry for thirsty birds and turning on the sprinklers

These are just some of the moments, some tiny, some enormous. They have all reminded me of just how much love there is in the world, if we would only look. The universe is created and immersed in love. What can I do but return some of this love, to keep the cycle going?

It has been such a LOVEly year that I think I will keep the tradition going. In the Catholic Church we have now entered a Jubilee Year of Mercy and I think that I might record ‘acts of mercy’ every day instead. I have a feeling that there will be much more mercy around than anyone could have expected. Though I imagine Jesus will be giggling: “I told you so!”