We have just had an amazing visitor to our Mercy house of welcome in Port Augusta. While we had 6 Sisters here visiting from India (and Adelaide), we managed to fit one more person in…Rubina! Here she is:


She is about my age and is riding around the world on a bicycle! Here is her bicycle (Percy):


I hope she doesn’t mind that I borrowed these pictures from her website, but I am encouraging you to go and look at her website to see for yourself: www.rubyrideon.com

Rubina/Ruby is an incredibly fit, determined and inspiring physiotherapist who one day had an idea to ride an bike around the world. I imagine that many people have this dream, but she is actually doing it. I think she said she had been 18 months into what she believed would take three years. After a whole lot of adventures coming through Europe and Asia, she had a few mishaps on the way here, probably all in a day’s work for her now.

In Coober Pedy, she met the priest, Fr Paul, who put her up and was fascinated by her story. He warned us that she was on her way down in a couple of days, but… Near Pimba her bike broke down. Luckily, Fr Paul had warned some travellers to look out for her and they came across her 10 minutes after she had to stop. They drove her down to Port Augusta and she stayed on the floor of our kitchen (as there were 9 in the house) for 2 nights. Here she slept, recovered and a friend of ours fixed her bike up – at least to get her a few hundred kms more. I forgot to add that the temperature was 39 degrees celcius and there was a bad headwind for her too. Understandably, she was pretty wrecked at this point, having slept little in the last few days.

However, she quickly recovered and got a lift back up to Pimba to start that section of the ride again. In 2 days time she was back here and stayed another 2 nights – this time in a comfortable bed.

Rubina rode on and she continues – encompassing the world one pedal and one conversation at a time. She obviously loves people and is so willing to share and learn. God bless you with wings in your heals, Ruby!