Archives for the month of: September, 2014

Spring has come with an embrace, certainly not a vengeance. Around our garden, well tended by Anne and Annie, many little green beings are poking their heads up to survey the scenery. It is the perfect time for spring cleaning – of the house, the mind, the soul.


Growing Pains

The transformation of the seed
has been done to death,
but nevertheless the metaphor
to rise
The verbs make the story
of a body made new.
It’s not easy
to let go,
or to die.
Old grudges cling, beseeching.
New enemies tease, enticing.
Habits press against our senses.
Prejudices preach their wisdom.
It’s not easy
to believe in change.
Snuggling into the ground
is just too comfortable.
The radical break
just too sharp.
But the wounds of the crucified
remain in the tree.
And here verbs falter.
For no one can describe
just how
the Great Planter
resurrects the seed.
It’s not easy,
but we trust in the empty tomb
and surrender.


Apart from piled-up platitudes, space is peppered;
more than words, it is the stance I take on a precipice.
Wrapped around ruminations, rough and rude errs to real;
when life breaks in, I sigh, but is it gone?
Are attitudes passable? Acts are always framed
in my relationship with the one to whom they are directed.
Years of yielding petty frayed not yets, to cry in humility,
yet a lifetime on my knees leaves me vulnerable.
Tests are early endings, shame, bleeding and death,
though every moment it waits to break into life.
Returning to interruptions, reaped from boredom and repetition;
I crave it, forget it, it pierces me through.