Can there ever be a perfect wedding? Well, the guest books cards were left unsigned, the bridal bouquet was thrown 3 times and many dessert boxes were left untaken…but these were minor details. All that could be attributed to meticulous planning (transport schedules across continents) and pure Providence (wonderful weather) made the day simply a slice of heaven.

It started with promise. I’m sure the definitive moment of their relationship will be told and retold in the annals of family history for centuries to come. They both study at Princeton, in the US, and are in the same engineering department. In 2009, when our father suddenly died of a heart attack, my brother was left alone and bereft on the other side of the world. His friend was on the other side of the country, in California, but quickly flew to where he was, waiting for a flight back. She drove him to the airport in New York and they parked in the short term carpark. How exactly it happened, God knows, but between the carpark and the airport, she had decided to accompany him all the way to Australia! Abandoning a trip to Mexico, her family, appointments and luggage, she took a leap of faith, compassion and generosity in accompanying him in his bereavement. What magic! It must have been love…

Since then, she has essentially been part of our family and now, in their beautiful ceremony, it has become reality. Imagine a traditional church wedding complete with white dress and black suit and you have the scene. Old traditions were rediscovered in the blend of cultures as loving family members blessed the joyous couple. While the rehearsal was suitably tearful, during the ceremony the bride and groom were radiant. I can’t say the same for happy relatives! Finally, as the party died down and others went off to bed, the newlyweds stole back to our family to open presents and share as many moments with us as possible.

Love “binds everything together in perfect harmony”, as their wedding reading from Colossians states. And here is the evidence! God’s extravagant and wasteful love for us is reflected in our experience of true human love. Love that forgives, gathers and trusts. When we feel just a fraction of this love, we have truly touched the heart of God.